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Delivery with Uber Eats is available in [City Name], and the best times to drive are lunch (12pm-2pm) and dinner (7pm-9:30pm). See below for a map of where to drive.

Become a food delivery driver in your city

You can get paid to deliver in your city using Uber. Learn how it works, and see tips for getting started.

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Indem ich fortfahre, stimme ich den Nutzungsbedingungen von Uber zu und bestätige, dass ich die Datenschutzerklärung gelesen habe.

Indem ich fortfahre, stimme ich außerdem zu, dass Uber und seine Partner mich unter der angegebenen Telefonnummer telefonisch oder per Textnachricht (einschließlich über automatische Ansagen) kontaktieren dürfen. Mir ist bewusst, dass ich mein Einverständnis jederzeit durch Senden einer Textnachricht mit dem Wort „STOP“ an die Nummer 89203 widerrufen kann.

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Getting started

Hot places and times to deliver

Busiest areas

A high number of requests come from restaurants located in neighborhoods listed in your app. You'll see hotspots outlined in the featured map.

Busiest times

The majority of demand occurs during lunch and dinner - More information on the activity calendar. However you can connect anytime during the services opening hours.

Delivery area

There are hundreds of restaurants spread across the entire service area. Don't hesitate to go online in zones far from the city center.

Delivery Incentives

Find out here the incentives available in your area in order to connect in the most efficient way

Pro tips

Understand incentives and promotions

As delivery partner you may be eligible to various incentives and weekly promotions. More to that customers have the possibility to tip the delivery partners directly in app- with a professional delivery the chance of getting tips will increase.

Understanding how these work can increase your earnings. Find out more about incentives.

Bike & Scooters welcome

Bike or scooter delivery is the most efficient and cheapest way to do your deliveries. With Uber Eats you will have many opportunities to purchase at discounted prices bikes, electric bikes and scooters.

Earn on your own time

Here’s how your fare is calculated

1. Pick up the order: 4 CHF per trip

Tap to accept a request, then the app will display guidance options for how to get to the restaurant. You may want to take your phone with you to confirm the order number.

2. Drive to destination: 1.60 CHF per mile

Swipe to "Begin Trip" then the app will display guidance options for how to get to the dropoff destination.²

3. Drop off the order: 2.60 CHF per trip

Look for information about where to meet the customer curbside. You can always call the customer if you have trouble finding them.

All advertised rates are amounts before the 5% Uber service fee is applied.

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