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Class 4 driver's licence

Edmonton requirements
Edmonton driver-partners must have a valid Class 1, 2, or 4 licence in order to drive with Uber. Learn more about getting your Class 4 driver's licence below.
Make sure you're road-ready

Obtenir votre permis de classe 4

Complétez une vérification des antécédents

Contact the Edmonton Police Service and complete an EPS background screen. Make sure you bring your driver's licence and a secondary piece of government ID.

Book a medical exam

Medical exams can vary in cost and are required to obtain your Class 4 driver's licence. Download the medical examination form below for motor vehicle operators and have it completed by a physician.

Complete the knowledge test

The Class 4 knowledge test questions are based on information from the Commercial Driver's Guide and the Driver's Guide. The test is 30 multiple choice questions and you'll need to score a minimum of 25 correct responses to pass.

Schedule your road test

Once you've passed your Class 4 knowledge test, schedule a Class 4 road test at an Alberta registry. Each registry will have a different booking process and vehicle requirements, so be sure to review these before taking your test.

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