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Driving change for women’s safety

Sexual assault and gender-based violence don’t belong anywhere in our communities. Which is why Uber is committed to help stop incidents before they happen—by partnering with and learning from women's safety groups, building tools and policies, promoting awareness, and empowering our community of users.

Safety features and education

We provide drivers and riders with prevention information and educational materials through our Community Guidelines. They can also find safety tips and features, such as the emergency assistance button, in the app's Safety Center.

24/7 support

If anything happens, 24/7 support is available in the app from a specialized team of Uber agents who are trained to handle sensitive reports.


Victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment—whether riders, drivers, or employees—are free to bring individual claims in court and share the facts of those claims. Learn more about how we no longer require mandatory arbitration.

Women’s safety pledge

We committed to a multi-year, multi-million dollar campaign to partner with leading sexual assault and domestic violence partners around the world. See the groups that we’ve funded in the section below.

Classifying incidents

We partnered with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the Urban Institute to create a taxonomy to categorize and count sexual misconduct and sexual assault incidents, which we’ve shared with other companies that have women’s safety initiatives. Learn more here.

Always improving

Law enforcement and 100+ women’s safety and advocacy organizations help develop our processes and technology. In the US, we host meetups with travel and transportation executives to brainstorm ways to create meaningful change.

Safe and respectful experiences

Our Community Guidelines prohibit sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind while using Uber.

Personal safety tips

All of us have a role to play in looking out for one another. Learn from NO MORE about how to recognize the cues that could lead to an unsafe situation.

Women Rider Preference

This is a feature created by Uber for women and non-binary drivers. Women Rider Preference allows them to receive ride requests only from women riders. It can be activated and deactivated at any time.

Meet some of our local partners

  • YWCA Canada

    YWCA Canada is Canada’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service organization. YWCA Canada represents 32 member associations whose programs and services create change for 1 million women, girls, and their families. Annually, YWCAs invest over $230 million to support 330,000 women and girls, in 300 communities across Canada. YWCA Canada develops resources and initiatives to create systemic change and shift the needle forward on ending gender based violence.

  • Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT)

    WomanACT is a policy development and planning body for preventing and responding to gender-based violence. Their work is focused around coordination, education, policy and community mobilization. WomanACT has 27 years of experience in convening leaders, policy makers, anti-violence organizations, communities and women with lived experience of violence to collaborate, advocate and drive change.

  • Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC)

    EVA BC is a leading provincial non-profit organization that supports and coordinates the work of over 300 anti-violence programs and cross-sector initiatives that respond to sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse and criminal and sexual harassment. EVA BC delivers training, creates and distributes resources, conducts research, develops and maintains service standards and develops high-risk response teams. EVA BC acts as a lifeline for front-line workers across the province and helps all levels of government understand the issues by analyzing issues, proposing solutions, and helping to create better policy, programs and legislation.

  • Le Chaînon

    Le Chaînon offers women safe housing as well as assistance and support tailored to their needs. At Le Chaînon, they take specific actions, with the help of experienced counselors, that promotes women’s return to self-determination and personal and social strengths. Le Chaînon also advocates to make a collective and social stand in order to denounce the inequalities, the living conditions and the different forms of violence experienced by women. Their goal is to promote the defence of women's rights - with women.


Using our global reach for good

We’ve partnered with these organizations:

  • Canada

    • Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC)
    • Le Chaînon
    • WomanACT: Women Abuse Council of Toronto
    • YWCA Canada
  • United States

    • Casa de Esperanza
    • Futures Without Violence
    • The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP)
    • The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)
    • NO MORE
    • RAINN
    • Raliance
    • Women of Color Network Inc. (WOCN)
  • Brazil

    • Associação Mulheres pela Paz
    • AzMina Magazine
    • DeFEMde (Rede Feminista de Juristas)
    • Força Meninas
    • Fórum Brasileiro da Segurança Pública
    • Instituto Igarapé
    • Instituto Patrícia Galvão
    • Plan International Brasil
    • Promundo
  • New Zealand

    • Sexual Abuse Prevention Network (SAPN)
  • Australia

    • WESNET (the Women’s Services Network)
  • United Kingdom

    • UK Says NO MORE
  • India

    • Manas Foundation
  • Mexico

    • Equis Justicia
    • Fondo Semillas
    • GENDES
    • Igarapé Institute
    • Red Interamericana de Refugios
    • SinTrata

Our commitment to your safety

Because we connect millions of people around the world every day, we’re committed to building for safety. Learn about our features and processes that help protect you on the road.

Driver safety

Count on 24/7 support and emergency assistance. Share your trip with loved ones. Our focus is on your safety so you can focus on the opportunity.

Rider safety

Millions of rides are requested every day. Every rider has access to safety features built into the app. And every ride has a support team if you need them.