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Drive. Get paid. Get rewarded.

Welcome to the new Uber Pro: a rewards program inspired by you and designed to help you reach your goals—both on and off the road.

Visit your Driver app to see your rewards.

Get more from driving*

With Uber Pro, you have the opportunity to unlock new rewards as you reach higher status. Check your app to see what’s available in your area.

Area Preference⁴

More control over the areas you choose to drive in. When using Area Preferences*, you’ll only receive requests for rides that start and end in the area(s) you have selected.

Zero Emissions incentive⁵

Make up to $5,000 extra over a 12-month period with the Zero Emissions incentive.

How it works

Earn points

Drive with Uber to earn points. Some trips may earn you more points than others. See more details in the Driver app.

Offer quality service to riders

In addition to earning points, you must maintain certain ratings to earn Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rewards. The requirements vary by region. Please check the Driver app for more information.

Get rewards

The higher the status you earn, the more rewards you unlock. Your status is determined based on your points and quality ratings over a fixed 3-month period.

Canada Rewards

Canada Rewards





Up to 40% off

Up to 40% off

Up to 40% off

Up to 40% off

Frequently asked questions

  • Your overall star rating is an average of individual ratings provided by riders from your past 500 trips.

    If you receive a rating of 4 stars or below on a trip for a reason that is out of your control, like a bad GPS route or traffic, the rating will be excluded from your overall rating. See more about ratings protection here.


  • If you’re a driver with Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status and your cancellation rate rises to between 5.01% and 10%, you won’t be able to reach a higher status by earning more points. You will maintain your current status and have access to your current rewards.

    If your cancellation rate rises above 10%, you will lose access to your Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rewards immediately. To earn back your rewards, your cancellation rate must return to 5% or below.

  • You earn points during fixed 3-month periods. At the start of a 3-month period, your status is determined by the points you earned in the previous 3-month period. At any time, you can move up statuses and unlock more rewards if you earn enough points for the next status and maintain high ratings.

  • Drivers who also deliver with Uber Eats will earn points for delivery trips. Note that rewards offering views of full trip duration aren’t available on Uber Eats trips.

    Delivery people who only deliver using the Uber Eats app aren’t eligible for Uber Pro. They may be eligible for Uber Eats Pro where the program is available. Learn more here.

*Program rewards vary by location and are subject to change. Rewards described on this page may not be available in all cities where Uber Pro is available. See terms and conditions for complete details.


  1. Uber is not responsible for third-party offers, products, and/or services.

  2. Availability varies by location. See terms and conditions.

  3. Trip direction and duration availability vary by location. You may immediately lose access to this reward if your acceptance rate falls below 85%. Program rewards may vary by location and are subject to change. See terms and conditions for complete program details.

  4. Area Preferences is currently not available in all Canadian cities. This feature is only available to drivers with Uber Pro Platinum and Diamond statuses, and is redeemable for up to 2 hours per day. For more information, see Uber Pro Terms and Conditions.

  5. Only drivers in the Diamond and Platinum Uber Pro tiers may participate in the Zero Emissions incentive program, excluding drivers enabled to take trips with Uber Black, Uber Black SUV, or Uber Taxi. The Zero Emissions incentive program will be valid from February 1, 2023, until January 31, 2025, on rideshare trips and not on delivery trips, but including trips with Uber Connect. For more information, see Zero Emissions incentive