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People who drive with Uber come from all walks of life, but everyone likes how it feels to make money. With Payfare, drivers in Canada can be paid every day, up to 5 times a day - even on weekends or holidays.

How to get started

Sign up

Download the Payfare app, designed exclusively for Uber drivers, and follow a few simple steps to connect your Uber driver account and sign up for Payfare. It only takes a few minutes.

Update your banking information on the Uber app

Follow the simple instructions provided by Payfare to link your new Mastercard account to your bank information on your Uber profile.

Cash out

You’re all set. Time to hit the road and cash in on the action. You will automatically get your Uber earnings paid to your Payfare Mastercard each morning. Need cash faster? You also have the option to cash out your available earnings anytime — up to 5 times per day!

How it works

Access your money sooner

Payfare gives drivers more control over when they are paid. Whether you’re saving up for something big or hitting the road to pay an unexpected bill, simply cash out when you need it.

It’s your money. You earned it! You should be able to experience the joy of getting those earnings when you want.

Payment is simple and safe

Payfare will deposit your earnings each morning to your Payfare Mastercard. Need cash faster? You also have the option to cash out your available earnings anytime—up to 5 times per day.

You have access to the funds immediately. Plus, your money is safe with Mastercard’s Zero Liability Protection.

Save it, send it, or spend it

Payfare gives you the flexibility to access your money sooner. Once Payfare has deposited your earnings to your Payfare Mastercard, you can then:

  • Use the card for purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted worldwide
  • Cash the money out (withdraw) at any ATM
  • Send money via Interac e-Transfer
  • Pay bills online
  • Keep your money on the card

We're here to help

To learn more or sign up for the program, please visit or email us at


  • To start using Payfare, you must be an active driver with Uber with a valid email address. It's that simple.

  • Payfare has no sign-up, cancellation, or annual fees, so you can try it for as long as you like. Payfare will charge $0.50 per earnings deposit to your card. If you earned less than $20 that day, the fee is waived.

  • Your daily earnings will be automatically deposited to your card each morning—or instantly if you want to cash out your available earnings sooner—up to 5 times per day.

  • You'll receive a notification via SMS or on the Payfare app each time your earnings have been deposited. Your weekly earnings summary is also available in the app.

  • Everything will stay the same on your weekly Uber statement. You'll still see your total weekly earnings from driving with Uber.

  • Yes, you can withdraw cash up to 5 times per day, up to a total of $1,000 total per day. You can obtain cash from any ATM that has the Mastercard®, Maestro®, Cirrus®, or STAR® logo. A fee of $2.50 applies to each ATM transaction, in addition to any fees the ATM owner may charge. You can search for surcharge-free ATMs by clicking on the ATM Locator button in the Payfare app.

  • No credit check is required for you to become a Payfare Mastercard cardholder. Payfare is a completely separate MasterCard card program designed specifically for people driving with Uber.

  • Having a Payfare Mastercard does not currently help to build or restore your credit. Your transaction history will not be reported to the credit bureaus.

  • No, you can stop Daily Pay at any time and go back to getting your earnings weekly. To cancel, simply contact Payfare at 1-800-719-2685 or email support at

  • Yes, your privacy is important. Please refer to the Payfare Privacy Policy.

More questions?

For more information about Payfare, visit or email us at