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Deliver with Uber Eats

No boss. Flexible schedule. Quick pay.

Now you can make money by delivering food orders that people crave using the Uber Eats app—all while exploring your city.

Searching for delivery jobs in São Paulo?

Instead, try delivering with Uber, which offers more flexibility than traditional courier jobs. Here are some of the benefits to being your own boss with Uber Eats.

Your wheels

Grab your car or bike to be a delivery driver—or get around on foot.

Your time

Deliver whenever you want—for an hour, on the weekend, or throughout the week.

Your earnings

Before you accept any order, you’ll see how much you’ll get paid to deliver it.


How to increase your earnings

To help maximize earnings for Uber Eats partner delivery drivers, you can drive within the high-demand zone, as illustrated in the map below. You will have a better chance of making a higher number of trips during the time you decide to stay online.

*The zones may vary depending on the day of the week and time of day.

In the following image you can see, highlighted, the region with the highest volume of requests in the entire city of São Paulo.

Areas with the highest volume of orders:

  • ROSA - (Região de Cerqueira Cesar)
  • AMARELO - (Região de Pinheiros / Vila Madalena)
  • LARANJA - (Região do Itaim Bibi/ Vila Olimpia)





Here’s what you need to become a delivery driver using Uber Eats

Useful information about sending documents:


  • No photocopies or scanned documents will be accepted, only photographs of original documents.
  • Make sure all 4 corners of all documents are visible.
  • If the photo is not clear, has shadows or objects that cover part of the image, the document will not be accepted.
  • Be at least 18 years old
    • CNH (including Permits), RG, RNE and RNM are accepted.
    • The photo must be clear and not too old (from a child).
    • Not accepted Employment Licenses or Reservist Certificates
  • Accepted: CNH (including Permit and digital CNH), RG, CPF Card, and Proof of registration status.

    Not accepted: Employment Record Card or Certificate of Reservation.

    • Good lighting;
    • Taken from the front, not the side;
    • The face should be visible;
    • Make sure the photo reflects your current appearance, not old photos.

Frequently asked questions

  • Different delivery jobs in São Paulo offer different advantages. With some courier jobs, a person might be required to work certain hours on a rigid schedule and have previous delivery experience. With Uber, no previous experience as a courier is required, and you can decide when you want to deliver, and for how long.

  • No. With Uber, you can get paid to deliver as little or as much as you want. You have the flexibility to be a courier in São Paulo whenever you choose.

  • It’s easy to track your earnings from deliveries. A monetary amount at the top of your app screen will show how much you’re getting paid to deliver in São Paulo. Look for tools in the Driver app to give you more details.

  • When you become a delivery driver in São Paulo with Uber, you must be at least 18 years old and have an eligible mode of transportation. You must also submit some required documents, such as a valid driver’s license, or another government-issued ID, should you choose to deliver on foot or a bicycle.

Start delivering with Uber