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Uber Shuttle: efficient management and the best corporate charter experience

Uber Shuttle is Uber's solution for managing corporate charters that facilitates team mobility by offering personalized trips with comfort, practicality and safety. Personalize your employees’ charter services and always keep your team on the move.

Customize employee shuttle services to fit your group transportation needs

Uber Shuttle for your employees

Offer this transportation option brokered by Uber and simplify the trip to your employees’ offices. Uber Shuttle is Uber's solution that mediates corporate travel with comfort, practicality and safety. Furthermore, it can be used as an advantage to attract and retain the best talent.

Mobility between company branches

Make it easier for your team to move between parking lots, buildings or other branches, while at the same time have visibility and transparency of your operation through a control panel with the main indicators of your operation.

Route connections

Help your employees move easily between the workplace and local public transport hubs, such as train stations, subways and bus stops.

Advantages of chartering for your employees

  • Saving time and expenses

    Optimize your team's mobility without spending a lot. We can help you create efficient and optimized routes to move your employees, according to their parameters and needs, vehicles, schedules, route types and much more.

  • Flexible and personalized solutions

    It doesn't matter if you plan to use a minibus or a fleet of luxury buses. Our technology allows us to offer the best solution for employees with hybrid shifts through seat reservations and passenger check-in via QR Code.

  • More information and control

    Dashboards show the usage, performance and utilization of your routes and their operation in real time, in order to improve how your employees use your charter service.

  • Comfortable mobility

    Offer your employees a predictable, practical and smooth way to reach their destination.

  • More peace of mind and confidence

    Thanks to Uber's cutting-edge security features and 24/7 support, your employees will always be in good hands.

  • Reduce emissions

    Meet your corporate sustainability goals. Each person who participates in your corporate charter program removes a vehicle from the road and helps reduce your company's carbon footprint.


How to acquire a charter for your employees?

Step 1: Create a personalized mobility program

Answer our questionnaire. We will then create a customized solution with flexible routes, schedules and vehicle options.

Currently, our solution serves operations with more than 150 employees.

Step 2: Decide how to offer charter trips

Employees will be able to see route times and request seats directly through the Uber app. Employers can also reserve seats for their employees.

Step 3: Optimize your team's mobility

Offer a fantastic experience. Dashboards provide valuable insights into route performance, usage level, indirect costs and more. You can add or remove routes as needed.

When it comes to daily transportation and agility, Uber Shuttle offers the best

  • The best for the team

    • Comfortable, stress-free daily commute
    • Seat reservation and convenient times for everyone
    • Real-time travel monitoring
  • The best for your company

    • Optimized routes to avoid unnecessary costs
    • Support always available
    • Employee access control
    • Managing your daily commute from start to finish
  • The best for the planet

    • Fewer vehicles and more sustainable travel
    • Route optimization, reducing CO₂
    • Reach your sustainability goals

Offer the best charter for your team

Frequently asked questions

  • Prices may vary depending on factors such as the number of routes, number of users, frequency and much more. Schedule a free consultation with our team using the contact form to receive more information. We customize our solution according to your needs.

  • Whether you have your own vehicle or need a transfer vehicle management partner, our platform will help customize a mobility program that’s right for you.

  • Although the best experience for users is through the Uber app, they will not need to use it. Companies book transfers for their employees. Partner drivers will receive notifications and administrators will be able to monitor data from all trips.

  • Uber's charter solution for Business, Uber Shuttle, leverages Uber app technology to create an optimized network tailored to your company's needs, based on where your employees live. Uber Shuttle can be a more cost-effective solution compared to other providers, thanks to reducing vehicles in use and creating shorter routes and more convenient pick-up locations.

  • Routes and schedules are defined in collaboration with the account administrator, based on the company's operational needs. If these needs change, the company can request changes to the network, such as adding new departure locations and changing schedules. Employees have the flexibility to reserve their seats daily on the chartered Uber Shuttle

  • Uber for Business offers solutions tailored to your operational needs, cost and convenience preferences. We can maintain your existing network operations or design a custom network for your needs. Our product has several configurations, which address different situations and profiles of users and industries.

  • If any unforeseen event interferes with the start of the trip, we will immediately send complimentary vouchers to help users reach their destination (offer subject to local availability). Our real-time tracking tools and support team proactively detect any driver refusals, helping you find a quick replacement for Uber Shuttle trips.

  • Uber Shuttle can provide a wide range of vehicles depending on the customization and optimization needs for your business. Vehicles may vary according to the route, optimizing the charter for your company.

  • Fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation with our team. With this, we will study an ideal solution for your company.

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