Wheelchair Accessible Taxis At The Tap Of A Button

December 11, 2015 / Washington, DC

The Uber platform expands access to transportation options for all, including persons with disabilities. We are proud to announce that starting today, DC riders requiring wheelchair accessible vehicles will have a new on-demand option to get around town.

The new uberTAXI ‘WHEELCHAIR’ option enables riders to request a wheelchair accessible taxi on-demand. By partnering with wheelchair accessible taxis in DC, riders requiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle can conveniently request a ride through the Uber app.

D’Arcee Neal, a local DMV resident, marked the official launch today as our Rider Zero.


While there is more that needs to be done to expand transportation options for riders in DC requiring wheelchair accessible vehicles, we—along with advocates for people with disabilities—believe our wheelchair accessible vehicles option is a step in the right direction.

“By launching this, Uber is offering people requiring wheelchair accessible vehicles the opportunity to request an on-demand ride with the touch of a button. As an organization that works to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, I applaud Uber for expanding options for those of us desiring wheelchair accessible vehicles.”  

—Eric Lipp, Executive Director of Open Doors Organization

“Before today, people requiring wheelchair accessible vehicles lacked the freedom to move around DC at their leisure. By leveraging the existing wheelchair accessible taxis in the city, more people can get a ride when they need one by simply pressing a button. This new option is helping to work toward a DC where there are consumer choices and opportunities for more people with accessibility needs.”

—Tony Coehlo, Co-Author of the Americans With Disabilities Act
and Former U.S. Congressman

The wheelchair accessible vehicle option is part of our broader effort to expand access to transportation options for persons with disabilities. We’ve been working closely with leaders in the accessibility community to improve the Uber app and experience. For example, the Uber app utilizes VoiceOver iOS to accommodate people who are blind and visually impaired, and we recently rolled out product innovations that facilitate greater economic opportunity for deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers.

Additionally, when driver-partners first sign up to drive and on a continuing basis, they receive an accessibility compliance notification and video on accommodating riders with disabilities, which is also always available for online reference.


  1. Open up the Uber app, toggle to the uberTAXI option, and select ‘WHEELCHAIR’
  2. Confirm on the screen that you indeed want a wheelchair accessible vehicle
  3. Set your location, and hit request


  • The cost of a wheelchair accessible vehicle ride is the standard taxi meter rate, plus the standard uberTAXI $2 booking fee. *Please note: a 20% gratuity is automatically added for all uberTAXI rides by default, but riders can change this amount in the account settings online.
  • Uber DC wheelchair accessible taxis include modified minivans and MV-1.

Interested in signing up to drive with Uber? Get more information here or get started by visiting our office at 2100 M St NW #101, Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm.