uberPOOL—Expanded Coverage During Metro Closures

May 26, 2016 / Washington, DC
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Today, we announced Pooling Together, our $10M pledge to help keep the DC area moving during Metro’s year-long SafeTrack program. Throughout the coming year, we plan to get creative with our technology–investing in the rider and driver-partner experience in an effort to make moving around the city as affordable and reliable as possible.

Our first Pooling Together initiative is expanding the uberPOOL coverage area across the entire DC, MD, VA metro area for the duration of Metro’s program.

Expanded uberPOOL Coverage Area

During the day-long Metro shutdown in March, we saw that when more people share their rides —even during times of unprecedented demand—we can keep riding with Uber an affordable and reliable experience. This uberPOOL expansion will make affordable rides available to as many people as possible.  uberPOOL, our carpool option which pairs people who are traveling in similar directions, is the cheapest way to Uber–prices you see in the app are guaranteed and up to 50% less than uberX.

Together, we can share rides, share the cost of trips, and help reduce congestion during these difficult outage periods.

Remember, expanding uberPOOL is just our first step. Over the course of our Pooling Together campaign, we intend to be nimble and creative, working alongside our partners in public transit, to ensure that we meet the evolving demands that Metro’s SafeTrack program will create for our region. Stay up-to-date throughout the campaign through our Pooling Together site and following @Uber_DC on Twitter.