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Celebrate Your DC Area All-Star Driver-Partners

August 17, 2016 / Washington, DC
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24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we can get safely to and from important events and destinations throughout the DC metro area, thanks to hard-working driver-partners on the Uber system. And often, they go the extra mile to help put a smile on our face or make us feel like a VIP. With your help, we want to recognize the “All-Star” drivers who go above and beyond.

You can nominate your driver by writing #UberAllStar in your rating comment. Winners will receive a variety of DC area prizes and experiences, and will also have the chance to be featured on the Uber blog. 

Meet our all-stars below, and see how easy it is to make a nomination. Thank you for helping us show appreciation for DC’s amazing driver-partners!


Meet Christopher

Congrats to Christopher, a February #UberAllStar! His kind heart and excellent conversations set him apart for DC’s riders. For these amazing efforts on the road, Christopher enjoyed a VIP experience at a recent Washington Wizards game. Christopher told us that he loves the freedom and flexibility he has when driving with Uber, and how it’s helping him achieve both his long term and short term goals. Thanks, Christopher, for keeping DC moving!


Meet Ebony

Meet Ebony, one of DC’s latest #UberAllStar winners. Ebony’s riders mentioned that she’s always willing to go above and beyond to provide 5-star trips that make them feel like VIPs. This February, she and a friend had their own VIP DC experience when they watched the Capitals warm up from the penalty box. Ebony is moving soon, and loved being able to cross a Capitals game off of her DC bucket list! We know she’ll be just as loved by the riders in her new city.


Meet Nabil

Congrats to Nabil, DC’s latest #UberAllStar! This January, Nabil took to center court at a Washington Wizard’s game to deliver the game ball to the referees. He then joined his guest in a VIP suite to cheer on the team. Nabil loves the flexibility Uber affords him, and the fact that he can be his own boss. He also has a pretty impressive passion project – when he’s not driving, you can find him restoring and selling classic European cars. Thank you, Nabil, for being an #UberAllStar!


Meet PF

DC’s riders call #UberAllStar PF an inspiring conversationalist, and we agree. He can also now cross riding the Zamboni at a Washington Capitals game off his bucket list. A former government contractor and father of 4, PF earned his ride around the ice by providing 5 star trips with a smile. Thank you for all that you do to keep the city moving!



Meet Michael


Imagine going to an away game with one of your favorite NBA teams. Thanks to Monumental Sports and Entertainment, #UberAllStar Michael got to do just that when he traveled to Orlando with the Washington Wizards! Michael and his girlfriend not only stayed at the Wizards team hotel, but also got to meet the players after the game. Michael worked as a chef for 7 years at several top DC restaurants before the demanding schedule started to take its toll. He now enjoys the flexibility of driving for Uber full-time, and the energy he gets from meeting new riders. Thanks for moving DC, Michael!


Meet Scott


Congratulations to Scott, our winner of the #UberAllStar VIP experience at a Washington Capitals game! A lifetime Caps fan, Scott got to watch the team warm up from the penalty box. As a board certified health coach, Scott considers Uber a perfect fit for his entrepreneurial lifestyle and a great way to boost his budget in his spare time. If you’re fortunate to catch a ride with Scott, let him know what you ate for breakfast and he is likely to offer you a health tip which will enrich your vitality helping you feel your best! Not to mention, he’s met some great riders along the way. Thanks, Scott, for being providing DC riders with your all-star service!


Meet Sam


Meet Sam, our latest #UberAllStar winner and recipient of $250 in UberEATS credits. Sam has provided over 4100 rides and calls each trip “a tiny bit of rejuvenation; you never feel like you’re working too hard.” A semi-retired investment banker, he decided to drive after researching Uber’s business model. He states, “I was always intrigued by it, and it stuck in my mind until I said ‘OK, I’m going to do it’. I’ve never in my career researched a company then gone on to work for it.” Sam says he’s now hooked on driving with Uber. “It’s a very quantifiable job. The minute you pick somebody up you’re on the road, you’re working, and you’re earning.” Thanks, Sam, for keeping DC moving!


Meet Kimberly


Kimberly, or “Ms. Kim” as she’s known to her riders, has over 27 years of experience in the transportation industry. A mother of 5 currently battling cancer, she also runs her own business, KDPF Courtesy Transport. Ms. Kim is an inspiration to her riders and fellow driver-partners in the DC area. “Uber blessed me,” she says. “Without Uber I couldn’t have bounced back as quickly as I did.”


How to nominate:

  • When you have a top-notch driver, select “Excellent Service” in the rating box after your ride.
  • Include #UberAllStar in your rating comment on the Additional Feedback screen.
  • Tap Submit to make your nomination.
  • Keep nominating all year long!

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