By the Numbers: Commuting During the Metro Closure

March 16, 2016 / Washington, DC

We took a look at the data from Wednesday’s commute during the DC Metro closure.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank our driver-partners for their commitment to providing reliable rides this morning. A record number of partners were on the road—an increase of 50% over last Wednesday’s rush.  Despite overwhelming demand, the average surge multiple stayed below 1.7x during the morning rush.

We’re thrilled we could step up and work with the other options in the transportation ecosystem to keep DC moving.

In advance of the Metro closure, we expanded the uberPOOL coverage area to the entire DC, MD, VA region. uberPOOL, our carpooling option, is our most affordable way to ride, with guaranteed fares up to 50% cheaper than uberX. 

Expanded uberPOOL Coverage Area

With the uberPOOL expansion, we were able to facilitate a record number of uberPOOL trips during the morning commute. Of this morning’s DC metro area riders, we saw 140% more unique uberPOOL riders compared to the same time last week.

1 in 4 of this morning’s riders took uberPOOL

The most popular routes in the expanded area:

  • Tysons Corner → Downtown
  • End-of-line metro stations →  Downtown
  • Shady Grove → Downtown
    • In fact, we saw a high volume of trips along the entire 270 Corridor (typically served by the Red line).

The unexpected Metro closure also drove new ridership as people looked for an alternative transportation option for their commute.

  • Compared to the same 24-hour span last week, the number of people signing up to ride with Uber increased by nearly 70%.
  • Compared to this time last week, 3 times as many people took their first trip during commuting hours.

These stats will continue to be updated throughout the Metro shutdown. Stay tuned for more updates here and on Twitter

*Update: The uberPOOL coverage area will remain open across the expanded DC, MD, VA metro area to increase access to affordable rides in the case of limited Metro service through Sunday.