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More choice on trip requests

February 10 / Virginia

Long pickups that leave you with short trips. Being stuck in rush-hour traffic for a fare that isn’t worth your time. Ending up stranded in areas where you wait around for requests. 

These inconvenient surprises happen when you accept a trip without knowing how much money you’ll make or where you’ll go. 

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  • You’ll start seeing the fare, plus pickup and dropoff locations, right when you receive a request. This means that, each time you get a request, it will be easier to decide if it’s worth your time and effort. 
  • The fares you see will not be based on fixed time and distance rates alone. Instead, upfront fares can be based on several factors: some you know well, like base fare and time and distance rates, and some are new, like real-time demand at the destination.
  • In general, fares on short trips will be going up and fares on long trips will be decreasing.

If there’s unexpected traffic and the trip gets a lot longer, you’ll see an increased fare on the trip receipt. If there’s a change of address in the app while you’re on the trip, you’ll see an updated fare as you go.

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