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Unilever offers sweet deals on ice cream delivery with Uber Eats

February 16 / US

Everyone loves ice cream, no matter what the weather is outside. As the owner of many of the top ice cream brands in the world, consumer goods leader Unilever came up with a fun and unique way to showcase them with the Ice Cream Exchange featuring Uber Eats. 

The “Ice Cream Exchange,” was a delicious solution to those unwanted holiday gifts. The Ice Cream Exchange let people “turn in” odd gifts for the chance to win sweet deals on ice cream delivery. Because ice cream makes everything better – even a secondhand shirt. Participants received free or discounted ice cream delivered by Uber Eats and other partners in exchange for submitting details about their gift. The ice cream came from local retailers such as the Unilever-owned The Ice Cream Shop. The brands available include Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Magnum Ice Cream, Talenti, and Good Humor. 

“We’re excited to make ice cream delivery possible for our fans wherever and whenever they want a sweet treat,” says Rahul Shah, Head of Ice Cream Now, Unilever. “Many are finding new occasions to enjoy the convenience of ice cream delivery, whether it’s gifting pints to friends and family or ordering a last-minute dessert.”

When Uber Eats was selected for the ice cream delivery, the participants received a voucher in the form of a unique code that was applied at checkout to cover the cost of delivery. Unilever is able to track the voucher costs and redemption rates, and incorporate the metrics into their  master reports. Vouchers for Uber Eats are available from Uber for Business.

“We’re thrilled to fulfill the joy and ease of ice cream delivery for fans who can now get their favorite Unilever brands delivered right to their door or their loved one’s door in under 30 minutes,” adds Shah.