Uber to the Altar

May 14, 2015 | US
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Love is in the air this spring! The romantic story comes from Hudson, an Uber driver-partner in Houston. He hit the road to save up for the perfect ring for his fiancée, Katelyn.

We caught up with Hudson and Katelyn earlier this week to get all the details. Listen and learn — Hudson set the bar pretty high when it comes to creative proposals!

Out of all of the options out there to earn some extra money, why Uber?

Hudson: I really liked the ease of applying for someone who also has another job or is a student. For me, I have a full time job and the flexibility allowed me to drive more some weeks and sometimes less. It was nice to be able to accommodate to my work and personal schedule and do it when I wanted to.

What did you think while Hudson was out driving with Uber?

Katelyn: I never knew or never even noticed because I work a lot of nights and weekends as a manager in retail. I’d call him at the end of my night and he would say “oh I just took my dog for a walk” or “I went out to dinner with friends”. I thought he was just doing normal stuff and I never caught on.

Hudson: She trusts me.

How receptive were your riders to participating in the video?

Hudson: Most of the time people were really into it. Usually it just casually worked itself in the conversation because they naturally gravitate towards conversing with their driver.

What was the most interesting experience you had while driving with Uber?

Hudson: Katy just reminded me of one. I actually picked up her friend about two to three weeks into driving at the basketball game where there was a large flood of people. I called her and she said “Hudson?” and I thought, “Oh no, it’s only been three weeks and I’m already busted.” I asked her not spill the beans to Katy and she managed to keep it secret.

Hudson-&-Katelyn Crop

Did you have the ring picked out already or a specific goal in mind when you started driving?

Hudson: We’d talked about it to the extent that we’d figured out what she wanted, but the ball was in my court to save some money and make it happen. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, it was just a matter of how much I could save.

What inspired you to turn your experience driving with Uber into a video?

Hudson: Back in December I had the idea to start driving with Uber. It was a way to raise money for a ring and to supplement my regular income. I thought: I wish Katy could see all of the people that are making this possible and be able to relive the stories that I was not able to tell her because I was doing it in secret. It would be fun to take pictures with the people that I drive. And my mom helped me make a sign and it escalated from there.

When’s the big day?

Katelyn: We’re shooting for spring of next year but we’re still in the process of trying to find a venue here in Houston. It’s definitely more detail than I thought. This is going to take us forever to figure out! It’s a bunch of moving parts that all have to fit together.

Hudson is now using his free time to plan the wedding, and we wish the happy couple the best of luck on their exciting new journey!

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Image by Chelsea Renee Photography

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