Uber Freight

Uber Freight and KeepTruckin partner to improve visibility in the trucking industry

September 3, 2020 / US

Load visibility is among the highest priorities for shippers today – necessary to build resilient supply chains amid ongoing market instability accelerated by the global pandemic. By improving load tracking, shippers can improve reliability and better ensure consistent, on-time deliveries for their customers, while also reducing the headache of tracking calls for carriers. 

Currently, however, many shippers struggle to ascertain a load’s location or ETA once it’s picked up. Low visibility means increased manual labor spent checking in on loads, carriers fielding repetitive tracking calls, and ultimately delays and gaps in communication between shippers and their customers. 

From day one, Uber Freight has made it a priority to make the freight industry more transparent and introduce greater load visibility. Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with fleet management technology company KeepTruckin to help address these issues and improve load tracking. By integrating directly with KeepTruckin via API, we’ve enhanced our tracking capabilities and ability to provide accurate ETAs for shippers, so they have around-the-clock insight into the loads they ship with Uber Freight.

Since early June, Uber Freight has automatically tracked thousands of loads per week with participating carriers. With data from this strategic integration, Uber Freight has developed an ETA model based on machine learning algorithms that is 50% more accurate than a leading industry benchmark. 

For participating carriers with KeepTruckin ELDs, this integration eliminates disruptive check calls so they can be more productive. Carriers can use the Uber Freight carrier app or any KeepTruckin ELD they have on their truck today to get started, and carriers are always in control of their data sharing preferences.

From the start, Uber Freight has made it a priority to make the freight industry more transparent. Through our partnership with KeepTruckin, we’re bringing visibility to the market and enabling simplicity and time-savings for both shippers and carriers.

For carriers using Uber Freight that are new to KeepTruckin, KeepTruckin is offering a 15% discount for ELD hardware and subscriptions. Interested carriers can learn more here.