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Uber for Business sales lead shares the secret to seller success

May 24 / Global

Interviewed by Cleo Tarca, Marketing Manager

For Louise Karu, working at Uber for Business is both a challenge and an adventure. Even with her responsibilities as Head of North American Enterprise and Strategic Sales, she’s happy to get in the weeds and problem-solve with her teams. 

To learn more, we chatted with Lou about the most exciting elements of Uber for Business, what she looks for in new hires, and why collaboration is the not-so-secret ingredient for seller success. 

Tell us about how you came to Uber for Business.

“My background before coming to Uber was in tech sales. I had come from being a salesperson and leading sales teams that were selling technology, whether it be hardware, software, SAAS, or cybersecurity.

I had the opportunity to join Uber and do something totally different and really be part of building something. That’s what got me excited about joining, and it has not failed to deliver. It’s been very rewarding and fun.”

How has your role at Uber for Business differed from previous jobs?

“Leading a team at my previous company, I always backfilled somebody. At Uber, I was stepping into a role that nobody had ever had before as the first Head of Enterprise Sales. It was a brand-new role with the opportunity to build other strategic teams from the ground up.”

What’s your day-to-day like?

“My day-to-day is mostly customer-facing. I love getting involved with our most strategic customers and opportunities. I go into the field with the Account Executives and spend a lot of time strategizing with the folks on my team. We’re constantly driving to hit our metrics, and we’re constantly pivoting and fine-tuning to ensure we reach our goals. We’re always thinking of ways to unstick deals and break into new accounts.

Since we’re growing, I also spend a lot of time interviewing candidates and training people when they’re on board—getting them set up and plugged into the process and the product so they’re fully enabled.”

What excites you most about Uber for Business?

“I like how we help customers. The services we provide give our customers access to something that makes a positive impact on how they do their business and achieve their goals. And that’s very gratifying. 

I also like being part of an organization that is growing at the rate we are and really being at ground zero for how we think about team alignment and our go-to-market. It’s fun to roll up your sleeves, look at the data, and see the market opportunity.”

Why should people join Uber for Business?

“You really get to come in and contribute to how we should build our service and our products. Because of where we are as an organization with so many things being new, you’re really able to be on the forefront of talking to customers and finding out what they really need. 

The speed at which we take feedback, incorporate it, and turn something out is just amazing. We haven’t overcomplicated being able to turn something around quickly. To be part of this growing team really puts you in the position to influence how this organization will look several years from now.”

What stands out to you about the North American Sales team?

“We are really collaborative with one another, and we really do help each other out. When I interview, I ask people specifically to give me an example of when they made a decision for the greater good of the team over themselves, because I want to make sure we bring people on board who are going to do that. 

I’ve managed teams before where I’ve had lone wolves and we’ve been very successful, but we can’t have that on this team. Things change too much and too quickly, and our market is so fast that we need to share [lessons learned] with one another: why we lost, why we’re winning, what’s next, where we see momentum, and where we see failures so we can pivot quickly.” 

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