Uber Elevate – Meet the Team

December 18, 2019 / North America

JJ Raynor, Aviation Partnerships Business Development Lead

We believe that Uber’s platform will provide universal access to every type of transportation, creating a future where individual car ownership no longer exists. Elevate’s goal is weaving everyday flight of people and things into the Uber platform. By taking Uber’s tech into the skies we can expand affordable and seamless transportation in cities around the world.

What did you do before Uber?

“Before Uber, I worked in the prior administration as a Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and led finance at a startup building a commercial airliner.”

What attracted you to Uber?

“I’m passionate about aviation, the future of urban mobility, and electric vehicles. Uber Elevate’s team is uniquely addressing the intersection of all three with its all-electric aerial ridesharing service, Uber Air. Aerospace is a small world, I also knew many of the top-notch team by reputation and was excited to work with them.”

Describe the team you support to someone outside of Uber?

“Uber Elevate is building an aerial ridesharing service using new electric aircraft that take off vertically like a helicopter, but fly quietly and efficiently like a small airplane. The goal is to enable riders to escape congestion by flying above the traffic.”

What are the most interesting challenges you need to solve?

“We are preparing a network for an entirely new form of transportation; one that is just starting to fly. We have to use our data and insights on how people like to travel to anticipate the infrastructure and needs of a brand new industry. Developing business models and solutions that can anticipate a future just being invented is the most fundamental challenge for our team.”

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