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Making ridesharing more affordable in Pinellas County

August 4, 2016 / Tampa Bay

Uber is growing, and now it’s easier than ever for our riders and driver-partners to take trips. Since February, Uber and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Agency (PSTA) have been working to make transportation affordable and more accessible for everyone in Pinellas County. Today, we’re excited to announce TD Late Shift, a transportation disadvantaged program that will let economically disadvantaged riders request up to 23 free rides per month, as long as they are within county lines.

Eligible riders can take a trip anywhere in the county between 9:01pm and 5:59am completely free, thanks to the PSTA.


Creating a better commute

Suzy, a Pinellas County driver-partner who has completed more than 1,500 Uber trips, is thrilled about the partnership between Uber and the PSTA. “It’s exciting that Uber is evolving to helping—smart business is about helping disadvantaged people,” she said.

The chart below shows the average Uber fare during specified times of night compared with what Pinellas County residents enrolled in TD Late Night will pay.

Trip time Average Uber fare* TD Late Night fare
10pm $11.48 $0
2am $13.49 $0
5am $15.43 $0

*Based on average fares in Pinellas County in the last 30 days

On top of providing Pinellas County residents with discounted ridesharing, TD Late Night aims to give commuters a safe way to get to and from work when bus service is unavailable. Uber and the PSTA believe that this partnership demonstrates that ridesharing doesn’t compete with public transportation—it complements it. In fact, a recent study by the American Public Transportation Association found that the more people use ridesharing, the more likely they are to use public transit.

Suzy, a Pinellas County driver-partner

An evolving partnership

This program is just another effort in Uber and the PSTA’s partnership to provide all Pinellas County residents with affordable transportation. In February, Uber and the PSTA launched Direct Connect, which gives riders going to and from bus stops in certain parts of the county subsidized rides.

“[When Direct Connect started,] I drove one of the first rides, and I was super-pumped,” Suzy said. “This person was so nice and so excited that there was actually this option. It really warmed my heart.

“Now, I range from people who can afford UberSELECT to people who can’t afford anything, and I like to see that spectrum and be there for everybody.

While these programs create lower-cost transportation solutions for riders, they will not decrease driver-partners’ earnings. In fact, we expect that Direct Connect and TD Late Night may significantly increase the number of trips completed in Pinellas County.

How it works

Every month when you get your bus pass from the PSTA, your eligibility status for TD Late Night will be updated.

Riding at night (9:01pm-5:59am):

  • Use the Uber app* to request a ride.**
  • Track your driver’s status in-app.
  • Once your ride is complete, PSTA will take care of the entire fare.

More trips. More opportunity. More connections. It’s a win-win—for Uber riders, driver-partners, and Pinellas County.


*If you do not have the Uber app, you can call PSTA’s info line at 727-540-1900 for assistance in downloading it.
**You can request a ride even if you don’t have a saved payment method in-app.