Uber for Business

9 surprising ways Uber for Business is changing the way we work (and get to work)

April 26, 2017 / US

More than an app. More than an iconic tech unicorn. More than an easier way to find a ride. Uber is transforming how we get around. And it’s starting to change the way businesses think about transportation. Some call it the “consumerization” of business. It’s your colleague using her smartphone for work emails. It’s you taking your laptop home. And it’s why employees are telling their companies to use Uber.

At first, employees used Uber because it was convenient. A late night at the office? Take an Uber home. Just arrived at the airport in a strange city? Get an Uber. To give businesses more control over how their employees used Uber, we created Uber for Business. Today, more than 65,000 organizations around the world use Uber for Business.

But what are the details behind how and why people are using Uber for Business? Get The State of Business Travel Today report to discover 9 things we’re seeing.