Pacific Northwest Community Impact

March 2, 2018 / Seattle

Let’s team up to create positive change

Since launching Uber in the Pacific Northwest 6 years ago, we’ve been committed to making a positive impact in local communities across the region. We believe in joining forces with key stakeholders to create change across our 4 community impact focus areas: Mobility, Opportunity, Safety, and Efficiency.


Increase economic opportunity by connecting people with flexible, income-generating opportunities and increasing access to job training and education.


Improve environmental sustainability by creating programs that discourage single occupancy vehicle use and encourage electric vehicle adoption and supporting efforts to reduce waste.


Remove transportation barriers for underserved communities by improving access to affordable, reliable, and safe options to get around our cities.


Make our cities safer by reducing drunk driving and supporting programs that promote public safety.

Safety is important.

Community Impact Initiative

The Community Impact Initiative gives community organizations the opportunity to co-create ‘shared-value’ programs that leverage Uber’s technology and services to contribute solutions to local challenges across our 4 community impact focus areas.


Driver support and appreciation

With the rise of the sharing economy, people now have more freedom and flexibility than ever to earn an income on their own terms. We are committed to improving the experience of our driver-partners through empowerment, support, and appreciation programs.


Electric vehicle

Uber PNW is proud to support drivers in our Electric Vehicle (EV) Initiative. This program not only celebrates our commitment to clean energy, but provides EV access to communities and educates riders and drivers on the benefits of EV.