Driver Announcements

New TNC/Rideshare entrance for Uber Re-Match

May 31, 2018 / Seattle

Starting June 1, Uber driver-partners who accept an Uber Re-Match trip at Sea-Tac Airport are now able to pick up riders using the south entrance to get to the TNC/Rideshare zone. Drivers coming from the holding lot should follow the onscreen directions to pick up your rider.  

Re-Match South Entry Directions:

As you depart Departures/Upper Drive, merge to the furthest left lane and follow the overhead signs to “Parking.”

Next, follow the signs to “Terminal Direct Parking”

Once on the Helix exit onto the 3rd floor.

Continue to the pickup area.

Enter the pickup area through section G.  Park your vehicle in any available stall in sections G, H, I, or J and then load your passenger(s).

Airport rules permit only driver-partners who have accepted an airport Re-Match trip to use this new entrance.