Meet our All Star Driver, Tami

June 1, 2017 / Seattle

We’re continuing to recognize outstanding driver-partners in Seattle who help keep this great city moving. Our latest All Star Driver, Tami, enjoyed the day with her husband John and nephews Adam and Tyler. Their experience included a behind-the-scenes tour of Safeco Field, free Mariners merchandise, a meet and greet with third baseman Kyle Seager, and more at the May 18 game against Chicago.

Tami was selected for the amazing feedback she’s received from riders, and for going above and beyond to give her passengers All Star service.

Get to know Tami:

Tami’s a Seattle native who drives with Uber full time and greatly appreciates the flexibility she has being her own boss. Prior to driving with Uber, Tami worked in retail for over 20 years before leaving due to health problems. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, she finds that being able to set her own schedule and take off to go to appointments helps her live a more stress-free life. Outside of driving, Tami loves watching movies, cooking homemade meals, and BBQing on the grill.

While out on the road, Tami enjoys connecting with tourists and going the extra mile for her riders. On a recent trip, she was taking a rider to the airport to get married in New York and the rider accidentally left his phone in the car. The rider’s fiancé was frantically calling to get a hold of him, unaware that the phone had been left behind. Tami went out of her way to get in touch with the couple and take time off the road to expedite ship the phone to New York. With the phone safely returned, the rider called Tami to thank her profusely for helping him out in a pinch. See what other riders had to say about Tami:

“Tami has been my favorite Uber driver by far! I wish it was possible to request a specific driver—she’s awesome!!” -Megan

“Dear Uber: I’d like to give Tami 7 stars. Please add this option. 😉 Cheers!” -Chris

“Tami is incredibly friendly and professional. Drivers like her make me want to continue to use Uber.” -Shareil

“If I could give 10 stars I would…best experience with Uber!” -Nancy

If you have a driver-partner who hits it out of the park, you can nominate them for the chance to win a VIP experience at a future Mariners game. Want to nominate an All Star driver?

  1. After a trip, rate your driver
  2. Choose to give a Compliment and select the All Star icon
  3. Hit “submit” to enter them for a chance to win

Learn more about our plans to celebrate All Star Drivers like Tami all season long, and check out other details on our rideshare partnership with the Seattle Mariners.