San Francisco Workout: Taking a Ride and Getting Fit

October 13, 2016 / San Francisco

City hiking is a popular workout activities for many people who live in urban areas. A place like San Francisco attracts more than its fair share of explorers, thanks to a mild climate, lush parks, and dozens of trails hidden within the cityscape. Getting to them is easy thanks to Uber.

Morning Hike in San Francisco

If you live in South Beach (for instance), and you want to challenge yourself to a morning hike, try the Presidio Promenade Trail, a 4.5-mile loop around the former military fort that includes views of the Pacific Ocean, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge. AllTrails considers this walk a moderate hike, ranking it seventh of its list of 51 trails near San Francisco.

Walking to the trailhead at the Lincoln Boulevard parking area from the south side of the city would take an hour and a half. But if you use Uber, you could be at the Presidio in 20 or 30 minutes, barring any unexpected traffic.

Presidio Promenade Trail

Stretch your legs, tighten your shoes, and head out because you’ve a lot to see—from the life-size Yoda statue at Lucasfilm to the Battery East Vista, with its views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay, to the Presidio Officer’s Club that dates back to 1776 and the area’s beginnings as a Spanish fort.

If you’re in the mood for a bigger workout, walking across the Golden Gate adds 1.7 miles each way, and taking the round trip should more than double your steps and get you hungry for a break before heading home.

Post-Hike Dinner and Drinks

Take advantage by stopping in for a leisurely lunch or brunch at Sessions at the Presidio, a casual craft beer and cocktail pub, near the Letterman Digital Arts Center that plays home not only to Lucasfilm, but also the special effects wizards of Industrial Light and Magic.

Choose a patio seat and start with either a Session Rye IPA or the Rodenbach Flanders Red, and a small plate of brewed bread with goat butter, followed by the open-faced pastrami sandwich or mahi mahi tacos. And there’s no need to worry about the caloric cost of sampling those handmade brews—you’ve already got a workout in. You’ve also got the Uber app to get you home.

And if you don’t live in San Francisco? Many major cities in the United States have their own urban hiking gems. Whether you’re walking around the Loop in Chicago, the Mount Hollywood Trail in Los Angeles, or the High Line Park in New York City, Uber is the perfect partner to pick you up after a brisk workout and a good meal.