uberESPAÑOL is arriving now

May 19, 2015 / San Diego

Español | English

We’re excited to announce that uberESPAÑOL has officially arrived in 6 US cities:

Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego

With the launch of uberESPAÑOL, riders in six cities can now request a Spanish-speaking driver with uberX. What started as a first-of-its-kind launch in three cities, has now expanded to three more cities after an overwhelmingly positive response in its initial rollout.

As we innovate on the technology that helps connect riders to the people and places they love, we continue to hold the human interaction and personal touch as a core part of the Uber experience.

With Uber now in over 300 cities and 55 countries, there are more interactions, more connections, and more lasting impressions than ever before. There are millions of conversations between riders and drivers on the Uber platform every day. With uberESPAÑOL, we aim to connect you with more than just a ride. We want the entire experience to be seamless and accessible, for everyone, everywhere.

From start to finish, you can get to where you need to go, while speaking the language you’re most comfortable using.