UberENTREPRENEUR: Celebrating Small Business Owners Driving With Uber

November 28, 2015 | San Diego
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Today, on Small Business Saturday®, we’re excited to announce UberENTREPRENEUR – an initiative that celebrates and connects the entrepreneurs and small business owners who drive with Uber. From bike shop owners to beauty line creators, San Diegans turn to Uber for the flexibility and economic opportunity the platform provides them in pursuing their passions. Being an Uber partner means they can focus their time on growing their business, while making extra income on their own schedule.

To bring this initiative to life, we’ve partnered with our friends at Squarespace to put on UberENTREPRENEUR events and help provide tools and support to the entrepreneurs who are their own boss both on and off the Uber platform. Squarespace makes it easy for you to jumpstart a passion project or small business.

Interested in signing up for UberENTREPRENEUR? Tell us about your business and we will reach out to selected driver-partners with more details!

Meet the entrepreneurs who use Uber to support their small business dreams:

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As part of this initiative, we’ve created unique features to let riders like you know whether your driver is an UberENTREPRENEUR. Keep an eye out for a light bulb icon next to your driver’s name once you’ve requested through the app. An UberENTREPRENEUR badge will also be displayed in your driver’s car. We encourage you to ask them about what they do when they’re not behind wheel.



To kick things off, we sat down with a few creative entrepreneurs who drive with Uber and are running businesses right here in the San Diego community. Say hello if you see them on the road.

Rene Vera, The Chain Bike & Skate

The Chain is a locally-focused bike and skate shop that aims to get people on bicycles and skateboards through affordable sales and repair. Rene opened up his shop in Barrio Logan, an area he knew very well, describing it as the perfection location for his business. Since becoming an entrepreneur, Rene has embraced the opportunity to create a stronger community through his small business.


“When I began my business, I knew what I needed in a part time job that I could flexibly work around my growing business. So when I realized that I already had the perfect vehicle, I decided to give it a try. The ability to make money in my spare time, outside my business, is such an incredible opportunity. On top of that, I have met dozens of incredible people who have given me great advice on my business.”

Richie Barnett, Quae Juice

Quae is an online juice company that manufactures and delivers raw, organic juice beverages to homes and businesses in San Diego. Richie Barnett, alongside his business partner, Fenn Cross, started their company when seeing the need for great-tasting, nutrient-packed natural juice. They know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working as hard and as much as people do these days, and from this need, Quae was born. They are are all about offering consumers a locally-based, high quality juice with the convenience of delivery.

Richie Barnett - Quae 2

“Running Quae became more demanding, and Uber provided me an opportunity to continue to dedicate the time necessary to keep the business moving forward while making an income. Anyone who owns a business or start-up knows that the freedom of making your own schedule is huge with Uber!”

Caitlin Higgins, fitGevity

Caitlin started fitGevity upon launching her line of resistance bands a year and a half ago. As time went on, she started traveling quite a bit, and the bands became a useful tool for staying fit on the road. fitGevity went from being a resistance bands blog to more of a personal brand that focuses on travel fitness. Today, she still offers resistance band exercises and resources, but with more of a focus on staying fit while traveling – how to workout, eat healthy, dealing with in-flight meals, and anything else travel related.


“Being an entrepreneur really allows me to truly be myself, and pursue my dreams. Since fitGevity is dedicated to travel fitness, it’s important that I be able to travel and not be held back by vacation time or getting shifts covered. Driving with Uber fits in well with running my business by allowing me to have flexible scheduling. It’s also the best networking resource I could ask for. I never know who’s going to get in my car, what conversation I’m going to have, or what valuable feedback I’ll get about a program I’m offering. Uber puts me in contact with my target market, frequent travelers, on a daily basis!”

Drew Page, ShredLights

ShredLights are headlights for skateboards that are easily installed, used, and removed for nightly use. Drew Page had the idea for ShredLights while skateboarding home at night, falling because of an unseen crack in the sidewalk. When a car from behind illuminated his path he, literally and figuratively, saw the light. Drew approached a 3D printing workshop about building the product and hit the pavement in launching ShredLights. Drew powers his online business with Squarespace, sharing his brand’s story through #Ambasshredder visuals and photos that capture the illuminating effects of the products.


“Uber allows me to make money on the way to and from the office. As well as to fill in the gaps on nights and weekends. The time element is the best part, you can work whenever you have the time — and with a small business, that time gets pushed to the limit.”

Denise Zeigler, Nolie Love

Denise is the creative mind behind Nolie Love, a skincare and cosmetic company made for women. She embarked on the journey to create a line that steps outside of the boundaries and caters to various skin tones. For Denise, it’s more than just beauty, it’s truly about connecting with women, hearing their stories, and building relationships.

Denise Zeigler - Nolie Love

“Uber is great for me because I work non-traditional hours and it allows me the flexibility and ability to help me support my businesses. I love the fact that I can drive at any moment and all it takes is my cell phone, turning on the app, and going!”

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