Resolve to explore more in 2018

January 25, 2018 / US

With nearly all of 2018 still ahead, we wanted to look back on some of 2017’s most popular destination themes based on anonymized rider trip data. From the most exclusive bars and restaurants to natural monuments to sporting events, riders explored their favorite places all over the country with the help of Uber. Whether you live on the East Coast or the West Coast or just find yourself traveling to different parts of the country, check out where your fellow riders went most. Maybe you could even throw a few recommendations on your list next time you’re in the area.

Explore more


Local attractions accounted for some of the most-visited places in major cities in 2017. In Chicago, riders couldn’t get enough of the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower), while Bostonians couldn’t get enough of the famed marketplace Faneuil Hall. Out west, the allure and art deco romance of Griffith Observatory made it one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles, while Denver’s otherworldly Red Rocks Park kept Rocky Mountain riders intrigued all year long.


Whether it’s grabbing a drink after a long day with some co-workers or celebrating a birthday with friends, riders used Uber to get a safe ride to and from some of the coolest bars in the country. In the nation’s capital of Washington, DC, the Barcelona Wine Bar saw plenty of action, while the outdoor allure of Dallas’ Happiest Hour quenched riders’ thirst in the heartland.


Sometimes the great outdoors is the perfect medicine for what ails you, and riders had plenty of parks they visited in 2017. Liberty State Park in New Jersey has some of the most recognizable views of the iconic New York skyline, and the Spanish architectural influences of Balboa Park in San Diego made it an outdoor hotspot for riders.


Skip the world’s largest ball of twine and check out which must-see landmarks riders visited most. The ever-iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign was a popular stop for visitors feeling lucky and looking for that perfect Instagram moment. Meanwhile, the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame in Miami, which pays tribute to Cuban and Latin cultural figures, drew plenty of rider attention. And in what should be no surprise to locals in Seattle, the Space Needle was the most visited landmark in the Pacific Northwest city.

Entertainment venues

From concerts to sporting events to musicals to plays, riders visited some of the country’s most iconic venues for a good time. Laying claim to performances by some of history’s greatest musicians, Atlanta riders made their way to Johnny’s Hideaway on more than one occasion, while the Staples Center in Los Angeles kept music and sports fans happy all year.

Whether it’s New York, Los Angeles, or somewhere in between, Uber offers a safe and reliable way to make sure you check off all the travel must-sees on your list for 2018.