Share your ride and help keep our city green

November 7, 2016 / Portland

As the official rideshare partner of the Trail Blazers, we’re committed to helping make a big difference with a small footprint. To help keep Portland green, Uber and the Trail Blazers are inviting you to share a ride with friends to decrease carbon emissions.

How it works:

  • Enter the code SAVEATREE before your next ride from now until Sunday, November 13
  • For every ride you share, we’ll offset enough carbon to save 1 acre of U.S. redwood forest

It takes a lot of energy to win. It also takes a lot of energy to make the games happen. With your support, we can balance the environmental impact of fan and team travel, as well as water and energy use, at the Moda Center for Sunday’s game.

  • Away Team’s Travel
    • Estimated use of 4,000 gallons of fuel
    • 103 metric tons of CO2e = 103 Carbon Offsets
    • 52,400 gallons of water = 53 WRCs
  • Fan Travel 
    • Estimated use of 2,766 gallons of fuel for 65,000 miles
    • 25 metric tons of CO2e = 25 Carbon Offsets
    • 36,235 gallons of water = 37 WRCs
  • Moda Center Footprint
    • Electricity: 40,000 kWh = 40 RECs
    • Natural Gas: 1,860 Therms = 10 metric ton CO2e = 10 Carbon Offsets
    • Water: 40,000 gallons = 40 WRCs

Thanks for keeping our fine city green. See you at the game on Sunday!

Uber is committed to donating $3,500 to offset the environmental foot print of the Transportation Green Game on November 13th.