Meet Ahmed, our Timbers All Star Driver

August 16, 2017 / Portland

We’re continuing to celebrate our amazing driver-partners who help keep Portland moving. All Star Driver Ahmad enjoyed the ultimate Timbers FC experience with one of his closest friends. They not only got to go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium, but also received Timbers merchandise and free concessions at the June 2 match against Los Angeles.

Get to know Ahmed:

Born in Iraq, Ahmed moved to the US 4 years ago and started driving with Uber part-time. He’s now transitioned to full-time and enjoys brightening up his passengers days. When riders get in his car, they’re immediately  delighted to discover they’ve entered Ahmed’s karaoke car, where everyone gets to sing their favorite song during their trip!

One of Ahmed’s most memorable trips was when his rider started improvising words to “Let It Go” and singing about what an awesome driver Ahmed was. When his trip ended, the rider stayed in the car to finish serenading Ahmed. Check out this and other karaoke trips on Ahmed’s YouTube channel.

With an impressive 4.93 rating and over 10,000 trips, Ahmed says that Uber has allowed him to meet amazing people and explore new areas.He brings a one-of-a-kind experience to his riders and they can’t get enough of his karaoke car.Here are all the great things his riders have said about him:

“This dude had lights, treats, and an iPad for YouTube accessibility….but that’s not all! A microphone was offered for your singing pleasure! Thank you Ahmed!!!! And dope license plate!!! Thanks for the ride!” – Andrea

“Literally the greatest car ride of my life. We sang and we were safe and we got there quickly and everything was truly amazing!! We even forgot our canteen in the back and Ahmed came back to give it to us. Ahmed forever! The greatest. Just wow.” – Bradford

“AMAZING!! What an entertaining, fabulous ride!! Everything you could ask for and MORE all in an Uber!! Ahmed is THE BEST! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🙌😎” – Jen

“If you have never used Uber service, you must do it at least once to enjoy Ahmed’s fantastic service.” – Gustavo

“20 stars. Best Uber car in the world!!! Wow!!” – Stephen

Learn more about our plans to celebrate All Star Drivers like Ahmed all season long, and check out other details on our official rideshare partnership with the Timbers.