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UberEATS Partner Of The Month: The Oak Room

October 10, 2017 / Phoenix

Know more about Mesa’s Hotspot

The Oak Room has deep roots in Arizona. Prior to what is now known to be “The Oak Room” the location served as a pillar of culinary excellence as the famous “Pier Der Orlean”.  New owner and GM Corey TerEick noticed a shift in Mesa’s downtown culture and transformed it into The Oak Room, a creative Gastro pub concept that has quickly become not only a hometown but millennial attraction.

A West Point graduate, Apache helicopter pilot and Afghanistan Veteran, Corey weighed options to invest in a delivery option that would help The Oak Room to continue thrive over the slow summer. After careful research, Corey found everything he needed in UberEATS. Once launched the location received orders within minutes and he has never looked back!

“Partnering with UberEATS has offered me the technology, marketing, promotional possibilities, multi-demographical visibility and logistics, an opportunity I did not want to miss. UberEATS is committed to ensuring you utilize and maximize your resources during slow-times and you must embrace the technology. Make best use of knowing the dashboard, app and the restaurant manager”, says Corey.

Hungry to try the Spicy Lobster Mac and Cheese, or want to taste The Oak Room’s other beloved masterpieces? Tap into the UberEATS app, search for The Oak Room, and order to explore the fresh and delicious flavors of Mesa.