Teens stay on the go, parents stay in the know

March 23, 2017 / Phoenix
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Like many families, a typical day for the Loomers involves a lot of juggling. Charlotte Loomer and her husband are working parents with three teenage boys. It’s easy to feel like there’s never enough time in the day when each son has his own mix of afterschool jobs and activities. Constantly rushing from place to place to keep the family moving can be a daunting experience for any parent.

We all wish we could be in multiple places at once. But until then, Uber can help families with the logistics.

We’re piloting a new program that gives teens (ages 13 to 17) a way to conveniently and independently move around with Uber, saving parents time and helping them manage their family’s busy schedule.

Starting today, parents in Phoenix can invite their teens to join a Family Profile, and create an Uber account designed specifically for teens. Once a teen accepts the invitation and creates an account, they’ll get rides from experienced drivers who have received consistently high ratings from our community of riders. A receipt is sent to the parent with full trip details after every ride.

We also built additional features for teens with safety in mind:

  • Teens can’t use Uber without explicit permission from a parent. Teen accounts are only available as part of a Family Profile and require both the parent and the teen to opt-in.
  • Parents receive regular notifications throughout every trip their teen takes. Starting when a trip is requested, additional notifications are sent to parents when the destination or ETA changes, when their teen arrives, and if the teen is dropped off more than 1000 meters away from their expected destination. Parents can also follow their teen’s trip in real time on the map inside their Uber app.
  • With the guidance of child safety experts, we’re also giving parents peace of mind with an easy way to confirm the whereabouts of their teens for up to 20 minutes after the ride ends. This information is only available to parents and is only visible from within the Uber app. Uber does not collect this information and it can’t be obtained through Uber support teams.

The lack of safe transportation to and from after-school programs is one of the top reasons more parents don’t enroll their teens. It’s a sentiment shared by Robert Di Bacco, Chief Operating Officer at Arizona Charter Schools Association::

Arizona’s charter schools are always looking for alternate forms of transportation for students and their families. Uber’s pilot of a teen product in Arizona presents another safe option for high school students to get around. We look forward to seeing the product grow to meet the diverse needs of Arizona families.

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