What New York State Would Look Like with Uber

February 1, 2016 / New York

In the month of January, more than 60,000 people opened the Uber app outside of NYC looking for a ride, only to find a map with no cars available.

With State leaders back in Albany, they now have the opportunity to pass legislation to bring regulated ridesharing services like Uber to New York—one of the last places in the country without ridesharing. In fact, Buffalo is the largest city in the country without Uber.

Until Albany acts, the thousands of New Yorkers who open their app Upstate will get a glimpse of what New York could look like with Uber.

Check out the app now. If you like what you see, sign the petition to urge New York State leaders to make regulated ridesharing services like Uber a reality.

Uber would create more than 13,000 economic opportunities in places like Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, and Syracuse in just one year, and offer New Yorkers a safe, reliable, and affordable ride at the touch of a button.