6 thankful moments in New York Ubers

November 14, 2017 / New York

This holiday season, we looked for moments of thanks between New York riders and drivers from the last couple of weeks. What we found didn’t disappoint—whether people went above and beyond or simply made someone’s day with a smile, we found countless examples of heartwarming on-the-road stories.

True Uber stories that will get you in the Thanksgiving spirit

Thank you so much—having you as our driver was a great way to arrive in New York. Hope you enjoy your next vacation to Chicago. Have a Chicago Red Hot on the South Side. I suggest the double dog!
Thank you! Thanks to your excellent and savvy driving, we were able to see our friend run the marathon, right on time!
Thank you so much for driving so safely and for getting me and my baby where we needed to go! Congratulations on your new baby coming—I wish you nothing but the best!
Thank you so much for giving me a ride on my wedding day and for letting me sit in your car to make sure the groom didn’t see me.
Thank you so much for talking with me about India and all of the great places to visit. I wrote down the festivals you told me to go to, I can’t wait to experience the lights!
My fiance needed to be driven home after a wicked bug bite because he was treated with a drowsy antihistamine. You came to the rescue! Thank you so much!

If a driver makes your day, pay them a compliment! You can also leave them a personal note like the ones above if you want to make it a little more personal.