Best of Both Worlds: Uber + Public Transit

April 13, 2016 / New York City

Uber is about connecting people where they need to go—whether it’s to the airport, the bar, or the office. It enables people across New York City to commute more easily to work, school, or play by connecting them to the existing public transit infrastructure, making the city much more accessible to everyone—residents, commuters, and tourists alike.

For people who live or work beyond the reach of subway stops, commuting can be a trek filled with multiple transfers and walking. Uber changes that. With more transportation options, especially in the outer boroughs, New Yorkers can go that last mile to or from a transit stop more easily. And, our data shows that more and more people are using Uber to connect with transportation hubs.

Traditionally, journey-planning algorithms have kept modes of transportation separate. Now, technology finally reflects the reality of using multiple methods of transport to reach a destination. That’s why we’re excited to announce a collaboration with Citymapper, designed to create new multimodal routes you never knew existed—wherever you’re heading.

With this new Citymapper feature, riders can:

  • Connect to more parts of the city—Access more parts of the city that might not be well-supported by public transportation.
  • Save money—Find more affordable options for getting to your final destination, especially for long distances.
  • Save time—Sometimes trains are faster. Sometimes cars are faster. Sometimes combining them is faster.

Citymapper leverages the power of Uber’s open API, which allows developers everywhere to bring the convenience of Uber to users directly within their apps. This latest development is just another example of the power of technology and data-sharing to improve transportation, which both Uber and Citymapper are strongly committed to.

Try it out and start getting around in the most efficient way!