9 Uber College Hacks to Get You Through the Semester

September 20, 2016 / New York City

The semester is in full swing and we’re here for your late hours at the library, celebratory nights out, and overslept mornings. But what about all the things in between? We’ve got you covered, there, too. Here are a few hacks you won’t learn in the classroom.

1. Stock up

Late night study sessions aren’t going to fuel themselves. Grab your roommate, request an uberXL, and head to Stew Leonard’s or COSTCO to stock up on all of the essential study snacks and coffee your arms can hold. And bonus—with all of the free samples at these megastores, you’ve basically scored yourself a free lunch

2. Save money

Living on a college budget isn’t easy. Enter uberPOOL: our option that matches you with other riders going in the same direction, so you’ll each share the cost of the ride. And who knows, you might even make a new friend.

3. Split it up

Say goodbye to asking your friends for money for getting places (and take a break from having to do math). Split the fare between you and your co-riders right in the app, before you even get into the car. If only splitting the check were this easy.

  • Tap the “up arrow” next to your driver’s info and select “Split Fare”
  • Select the friends you’re riding with and tap “Send”
  • Your Uber-savvy friends will receive a message and be taken directly to the app to confirm the split
  • Your friends without Uber will be asked to download the app, sign up, and confirm their share of the ride


4. Upgrade dining hall food with UberEATS

Whether you’re a night owl on the prowl for late-night eats or your cooking skills haven’t evolved past those of a 12 year old (cooking is hard, we know), UberEATS has you covered with thousands of menu items from your favorite restaurants below 135th Street.

5. Be in 2 places at once with UberRUSH 

Your friend needs to borrow your book but you’re stuck in the library (or comfortably in your bed). Request UberRUSH and one of our on-demand couriers will pick up your book and bring it to your friend.

6. Escape an awkward conversation

Have you heard of the “Uber Exit?”. With average ETAs less than 5 minutes in Manhattan, an Uber is a tap away from rescuing you from anything from overslept mornings to unwanted conversations. And “Your Uber is arriving now” is a perfectly friendly (and truthful!) way to tell someone you need to get going.

7. Skip the bus

Sometimes the bus is a great option, but when you’re heading to watch your team (we’re looking at you, Columbia), nothing gets you in the gameday spirit like rocking your own playlist. And with the ability to play your Spotify, and now Pandora, playlists in your Uber you’ll be the most pumped up fans a team could ask for.

8. Take a power nap

Nothing wrong with catching a few extra z’s on your way to, or from, class.

9. Retrace your steps

Classes, mixers, clubs, practices—they’re tough to keep track of. Luckily, your Uber receipts provide a record of everywhere you’ve been and what time. And if you lose something along the way? (We’ve all done it) You can contact your driver to track it down.