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Introducing 1-833-USE-UBER, a new way to order food

April 14, 2020 / New York City

For information on how to use our phone booking service to request a ride, please visit this page.

Introducing a new way to order your favorite meal with Uber Eats: 1-833-USE-UBER. To better meet your needs during COVID-19, we created the option to call us when you want to order food from your favorite restaurant. 

1-833-USE-UBER is currently only available in Florida and New York City, but we’re hoping to expand the service to more cities soon. You can place an order 7 days a week,  from 7am – 8pm EST by phone. 

You can place an order anytime via the mobile app or through our online ordering system at, available in over 50 cities.

How it works

Call us, toll-free
Dial 1-833-USE-UBER (1-833-873-8237) from your cell phone to talk to an Uber team member who will help you create an Uber account and place a food order. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged just for calling us—we’ll charge your debit or credit card on file after a successful delivery is completed.

Please note that your name must be associated with the credit card on file. To help protect your personal information,  make sure to only use this phone number when calling to order food. 

Get delivery details
There are 3 delivery options for receiving your order:
1. Leave at door – Your order will be left at your door
2. Meet at door – The delivery person will meet you at your door
3. Pick up outside – You’ll meet your delivery person outside

If you have other special delivery instructions, you can let our team members know before confirming your order.

The restaurant may contact you if a food item is unavailable.
Your delivery person may contact you when they arrive to confirm where to deliver the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-833-USE-UBER is currently only available in Florida and NYC where Uber Eats is available. Do not use any other phone number other than 1-833-USE-UBER  (1-833-873-8237) to place a food order. 1-833-USE-UBER is not a customer service line. If you need help, visit us at