Partnering with HackensackUMC to Empower Patients

April 7, 2016 / New Jersey
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One of the many stresses patients in need of treatment face is how to get to and from appointments, medical centers, and pharmacies. Our technology empowers patients by allowing them to get a reliable ride when they need it most.

Today, we’re taking one step towards reducing the burden on medical patients and their families by partnering with Hackensack University Medical Center in a first-of-its-kind partnership.

With HackensackUMC, we will help educate patients about how to get a safe, reliable ride to or from their treatments and create designated pickup and drop-off areas that can be selected through the app. And, HackensackUMC employees will be located at entrances to help patients in and out of vehicles upon arrival at the hospital.

Our partnership with HackensackUMC will help ease the burden of transportation for patients

Moving forward, when discharging patients who are in need of a ride, HackensackUMC will use Uber as their primary choice of transportation. In addition to helping patients get reliable rides, the partnership will also help ensure medical practitioners can get to and from work easily. So no matter what time a shift ends, a safe ride is just a tap away.

New riders, including employees and patients, will receive their first ride free with the promo code HackensackUMC.

“Through our partnership with Uber, we’re making sure that the level of care we offer here at HackensackUMC extends all the way to your doorstep.” — Robert C. Garrett, Hackensack University Health Network President and CEO 

With this partnership, we’ve worked closely with the hospital to integrate our technology with theirs. HackensackUMC is building ride reminder technology into their app and on their website, allowing patients to set a text reminder to request an Uber before their appointment.

Furthermore, we have launched Uber’s enhanced door-to-door technology on the hospital campus to help riders identify exactly where they need to be picked up. Patients won’t have to walk far to find their ride or worry about remembering the address of their care center.

We hope this partnership will lead the way for future integrations with medical centers.






  1. Open your Uber app.
  2. Select your vehicle choice from the slider on the bottom and tap ‘SET PICKUP LOCATION’.
  3. Choose from the HackensackUMC pickup location options and tap ‘REQUEST’.
  4. That’s it!

Learn more about Uber and how we’re moving people, wherever they need to go.