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Celebrating National Intern Day with Uber’s first intern, Austin Geidt

July 25, 2019 / US

From: Austin Geidt
To: [Intern offices]
Subject: Happy National Intern Day!

Hi all – 

In the spirit of celebrating National Intern Day, I thought I’d share my early experience. Uber has seen unprecedented growth, and my joining so early offered me a particularly unique career trajectory. That said, I hope my experience resonates with all of the interns passing through Uber as they begin their careers. 

After a long string of job rejections, I applied for an internship at a little known startup, UberCab, in 2010. I had few skills and a pretty barren resume. When I received an offer, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Let me start by saying I wasn’t a particularly good intern. In my first week, I forgot a computer charger and was too nervous to ask to borrow someone else’s — for a few hours I pretended to type on a dead computer. I overthought everything, from my email subject lines to my delivery of the “UberCab” elevator pitch. I felt like the ultimate imposter and worried I didn’t have enough to offer. 

Time proved a gift and things started to click. I used my first months to get my bearings and learn everything I could. Getting into the rhythm of the work, I found opportunities to solve problems and inject value. Over time, the scope of the projects I worked on got bigger. I went from growing a single city to launching new cities. Then from launching cities on my own to leading a team launching hundreds of cities around the world. And from handling support tickets one at a time to building a massive customer support organization.

Nine years later, I’m still on my journey with Uber. I’ve been fortunate to have quite the spectrum of experiences: visiting cities around the world, hosting launch parties, riding in backseats of cars that drive themselves (with a safety driver!), and just recently, having the incredible honor of ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Interns may not bring years of carefully honed skills (though many of ours do), but they bring something far more valuable: ambition, grit, and possibility. That “everything is possible” mindset combined with a little humility is how interns create magic for organizations all over the world.

We see that magic from interns here at Uber every day, coming up with great ideas and teaching us new things. That’s why we’ve continued the #UberIntern program throughout our history.

We’re thrilled that so many people have chosen to join us as interns, and are honored to play a part in shaping (what will no doubt be) incredible careers. To our interns—the next generation of problem solvers—happy #NationalInternDay!

Uber on,

P.S. Ask for the charger

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