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CMA Fest exclusive tips

May 29, 2018 / Nashville
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Each year, CMA Fest brings hundreds of thousands of country music fans to Nashville, giving you a chance to get in on the action, with increased trips to concerts and late-night shows all weekend long, June 7 – 10, 2018.

More about CMA Fest

Locals and tourists will look for a way to get around town and escape the hassle of finding a parking spot downtown starting Thursday, June 7 through Sunday, June 10. They’ll be turning to you to easily get to and from the festival. View the full schedule for who’s playing.


CMA Fest = more rides

Know your way around the music festival

When picking up and dropping off during CMA Fest weekend, we recommend using the Uber in-app navigation that will direct you to one of the nearest Uber Zones listed below:

The downtown Uber Zones are best for pickups and dropoffs when riders are heading to and from CMA Fest, pre- and after-parties, or the downtown Nashville area. While the designated Uber Lot at Nissan Stadium (Lot T), located south of the stadium between S 1st and S 2nd St, is best for riders going to and from CMA Fest concerts at Nissan Stadium.

  • Downtown Uber Zones
  • Uber Zone at Nissan Stadium (Lot T)
  • Road closures


Picking up or dropping off on the Korean Veterans Blvd Bridge, in bike lanes, away from the curbside, or in crosswalks may result in a citation from the Nashville Police.

Uber pickup & dropoff zones


CMA Fest Uber pickup and dropoff points in downtown Nashville
Dedicated CMA Fest Uber Zones

Pro tips

We’re here to help
If anything happens during CMA Fest, we’re here to help. With our Community Guidelines that take into account both driver-partners and riders, we’re committed to maintaining a safe, respectful environment for all. Need help? Simply get in touch via the Help section in your app or at

Set your destination for Nissan Stadium
If downtown isn’t home, you can set your destination for Nissan Stadium when coming into the city. We’ll do our best to match you with riders going in that direction so you can maximize your time on the road. When you’re ready to let us know where you are heading, tap the clipboard icon and enter your destination.

Verify your guests at the door
Make sure you’re picking up the correct rider by asking for their name and verifying it with the name in the app. If you do pick up the wrong person, let us know and we’ll help sort it out.

No cowboy hat left behind
Did someone leave part of their festival outfit in your car? Snap a picture of any lost items and get in contact with the rider by navigating to your trip history.


The Music Movers

Celebrating the music that moves you

To celebrate what drives the musicians in the Uber community, we offered aspiring country artists from both the driver front seat and the rider backseat a shot at the spotlight in Nashville during the week of CMA Fest.

Attending CMA Fest yourself?

Find out the best ways to experience all the activities and, of course, get around with Uber.

Incentives in your app

For the most up-to-date incentives and guarantees during CMA Fest, be sure to check your Promotions Hub under Earnings in your Uber driver app every day around noon.