How a Trendy Art Scene was Born in Miami

July 25, 2016 / Miami

Sandwiched among upscale lofts and classy restaurants in Miami’s up-and-coming Midtown neighborhood lies one of the city’s hidden gems: Wynwood.

The area’s walls – known as the Wynwood Walls – provide an outlet for artists of all abilities, styles, and backgrounds to express themselves. On the second Saturday of every month, locals and tourists alike pop in to eye the colors and creativity displayed on the street canvas.

In what seemed like an overnight phenomenon, the region – formerly snubbed for its graffiti-ridden warehouse walls and gritty feel – has garnered notoriety for injecting culture and art appreciation into people of all walks of life.

Wynwood has grown into Miami’s trendy art scene, serving as a popular destination for all – especially during the monthly artwalks, when restaurants, bars, art studios and galleries are popping with music, hors d’oevres and drinks.

According to a May 2016 Huffington Post article, “Wynwood Walls, an outdoor graffiti art exhibit that is a national draw, has seen over 50 artists representing 16 countries and … covered over 80,000 square feet of walls.” Within the walls, lies a garden that provides onlookers a restful place to gaze.

But, if art isn’t all that you crave, no worries. The streets that engulf the neighborhood as well as the nearby Midtown district cater to foodies, craft brew aficionados, and drink-driven crowds, too.

Grab a bite to eat and have some drinks at the eclectic Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Then, head on over to the Wynwood Brewing Company or Concrete Beach Brewery to indulge in some beer tasting. And don’t miss the art galleries – and wall art – along the way.

If coffee is more your taste, Wynwood also calls itself home to the one-of-a-kind Panther Coffee.

Not only have the Wynwood Walls captured the hearts of visitors, but they’ve also managed to become a darling of the media, earning recognition by Conde Nast Traveler, New York Times, Maxim, The Economist, USA Today, Paper, Travel & Leisure, Vogue, Ocean Drive, and more…

The common thread in those articles can be summed up best by the Conde Nast piece: “Call Uber for a ride toward the Wynwood Art District for total immersion into Miami’s mesmerizing modern art scene.”

Photo credit: Elvert Barnes