Driver Announcements

Driving with Uber for Art Week in Miami

November 28, 2018 / Miami

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Art Week in Miami means plenty of locals and tourists looking for rides to and from galleries, parties, and everything in between. From Wynwood to Miami Beach, get the latest on pickup and dropoff spots, road closures, and more.

Pickups and dropoffs

Uber has teamed up with artist Emil Alzamora on a series of sculptures that will mark some of the most optimal pickup and dropoff spots during Art Week in Miami.

Road closures

Events throughout the city will cause officials to close the following roads:

  • NW 2nd Ave; from NW 20th St to NW 29th St
  • NW 5th Ave; from NW 22nd St to NW 24th St
  • NW 1st Pl; from NW 23rd St to Perimeter Rd
  • NW 23rd St; from NW 1st Ct to NW 5th Ave
  • NW 24th St; from NW Miami Ave to NW 5th Ave
  • NW 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th Streets; from NW 1st Ave to NW 3rd Ave

Pro tips for driving during Art Week in Miami