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Uber and UMD Announce Partnership to Foster Innovation

March 23, 2015 / Maryland

Uber and the University of Maryland (UMD) are announcing a collaboration to support student-generated innovation. This unique partnership will foster, support and advance student-driven innovations and technology.

“Partnering with Uber furthers our mission to position the University of Maryland as a leading public research institution, equipping students with top-notch entrepreneurial skills and opportunities. We are thrilled that Uber recognizes the opportunity to solve challenges in College Park and to engage our highly motivated students in the process of moving our innovation economy forward.”
– Ken Ulman, UMD strategist for economic development

The partnership will provide significant investment in the Startup Shell, a student-run coworking space and incubator at the UMD. Uber will award investor grants to student-created companies over the next two years and will engage students through a variety of unique business competitions.

Additionally, mentors will be made available to students throughout the year and an innovation council will be formed to crowdsource ideas from students, faculty, and staff, and to explore research and development opportunities, as well as transportation solutions.

“The spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship being fostered at the University of Maryland, especially student-led and driven, is truly something special. The University of Maryland’s mantra of pursuing fearless ideas is a great complement to Uber’s fearless approach to problem solving in the 21st century.”
– Zuhairah Washington, Uber DC General Manager

The partnership announcement comes just weeks before the University of Maryland kicks off its 30 Days of EnTERPreneurship celebration, which showcases the university’s commitment to fearless ideas through a series of events and competitions that ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of the campus community.