Martha Stewart crafts her perfect Uber Black trip

May 14, 2019 / US

With the all-new Uber Black, you can personalize your ride right from the app by requesting your preferred temperature, a quiet ride, and even help with your bags. So we partnered with Martha Stewart to see how she’d craft her perfect trip.

Request a quiet ride and get more done

When Martha requests a quiet ride, she can focus on finishing up a few things on her to-do list.

Request your preferred temperature

With the all-new Uber Black, Martha can now request a warmer or cooler ride.

Request help with your bags

Now when Martha heads out for a big night, she can request help with her bags with a single tap.

Request a quiet ride

When she requests a quiet ride with Uber Black Ride Preferences, Martha is able to sit back, relax, and actually enjoy the ride.

In addition to Ride Preferences, the all-new Uber Black now also has highly-rated professional drivers, new vehicle standards and more. For the moments that matter, arrive in comfort and style with Uber Black.