uberPOOL and SMC: Sustainable Transportation Through Shared Rides

February 17, 2016 / Los Angeles

uberPOOL helps people going in the same direction at the same time share the journey and split the cost. It’s easy on the wallet and the environment, and starting today, it will help more students and faculty get to campus—together—thanks to a first-of-its kind collaboration between Uber and Santa Monica College Foundation (SMCF). The Santa Monica College (SMC) Foundation – a non-profit which supports educational endeavors of SMC faculty and students – has collaborated with Uber to alleviate traffic and parking around the SMC main campus at 1900 Pico Boulevard, by promoting uberPOOL as a shared ride alternative.

“For years carpooling has been promoted to students and employees with modest success at best. Then along comes Uber with uberPOOL and overnight people are sharing their ride in droves. Uber figured out, through technology, how to use real-time data of people on the move in LA to hook riders up that are heading in the same direction and save them some money.”

Ferris Kawar, Project Manager for Sustainability, Santa Monica College 

So how does it work? Simply put, Uber and SMC  are teaming up to get more people to share the ride. SMC  has created a dedicated uberPOOL pick-up and drop-off zone on Pico and 18th Street,while students and faculty are being encouraged to share a ride to and from campus as a way to relieve stress, traffic congestion and the need for dedicated parking This matters because the average student drives 9.3 miles to campus, and then spends valuable time and money vying for a parking spot—which could also mean being late for class.

Uber will do its part by helping to ensure rides with uberPOOL are available at the push of a button, while offering SMC affiliated first-time users up to $20 off their first ride with uberPOOL. Uber will also fund a newly-created uberPOOL Environmental Studies Scholarship at SMC with resources provided for every student, faculty or staff member that signs up to drive with Uber—a flexible work opportunity that works around their schedule and not the other way around.

“The Santa Monica College Foundation is proud to establish – fully-funded by Uber – the uberPOOL Environmental studies. The scholarship is entirely funded by UBER. Because SMC is a leader in campus sustainability in the California Community College system, it seems only fitting to identify and support our students who aspire and hope to implement environmental policies and best practices to serve our global community”

Lizzy Moore, Interim Dean, Institutional Advancement, SMC Foundation

Affordability, innovation, sustainability: that’s what SMC and uberPOOL have in common—so a partnership built on advancing these principles only makes sense. Together, we can get more people into fewer cars, meaning fewer emissions and less congestion—which saves time on the commute.

Uber is thrilled to join Santa Monica College in taking this step toward making Santa Monica—our home in Southern California—cleaner, greener and a whole lot easier to get around.