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Introducing Pre-Match at LAS Airport

August 22, 2018 / Las Vegas

Together with LAS Airport, we’re excited to announce the 4-week pilot launch of Pre-Match, a new feature designed to lower your idle wait time in the Staging Lot. Beginning August 23, drivers who get a Pre-Match request can spend less time waiting in the Staging Lot and more time earning. Pre-Match is launching as a pilot program at LAS through September 20.

How it works

Pre-Match is an in-app feature that prompts drivers in the Staging Lot to begin heading toward the airport terminals a few minutes before we anticipate a pickup request. While in the Staging Lot, your app may prompt you to begin heading to the terminals without a rider assigned to you. If this happens, begin making your way toward the airport. LAS Airport rules allow you to wait in the pickup area without a pickup request for up to 3 minutes.

If you do not receive a pickup request within 3 minutes of arriving at the pickup area, you can return to the Staging Lot and you will keep your original spot in line. LAS prohibits loitering, so you must to exit the airport if your 3 minutes are up.

Pre-Match FAQ

  • What is Pre-Match?
  • What vehicles are eligible for Pre-Match?
  • What happens if I get a Pre-Match prompt but I don’t get a pickup request once I get to the terminals?
  • How long is this pilot scheduled to run?
  • How do I find more information about Uber at LAS?