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Meet Joe Shone, Head of Enterprise Product Sales for Uber Freight

May 19, 2021 / Global

Joe Shone, Head of Enterprise Product Sales for Uber Freight, was one of the first to join the team back in 2016—before there was an app and when sales leads were collected by spreadsheet. Below, we check in with Joe to learn about the early days of Uber Freight and what drives him nearly 5 years on.

What was it like to join Uber Freight when it was just an idea?

“Early on, we knew the potential and opportunity in the Freight space. Our leadership empowered us to start building right away and for the first six months, I was a jack of all trades, helping land small to mid-market customers, booking carriers, and shaping the product by night. We invested a lot of time in those days hiring and infusing talent into the team to grow and build the product.”

What keeps you at Uber? 

“I’m inspired by our steady progress and increasing market share. A lot of our vision from the first six months is still coming together; building this kind of digital marketplace doesn’t happen overnight, and transportation is a $700B market. My career has grown so much in the last 5 years, but I still have so much more to learn. I can’t think of a better environment with stronger leaders and mentors that’s growing as quickly as we are to do that.”

How does Uber empower you to do your best work?

“There’s always an area where you can step up, and we’re encouraged to challenge the status quo, make an impact, and drive our growth. There are new opportunities every day to get involved and make our team, products, and partnerships better. Whether it’s supporting organizations that directly serve our communities, helping onboard new employees, or being a culture champion. We strive to help the world function and we need to use our resources to make it a better place for everyone.”

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