Riding at the 2019 THE PLAYERS Championship

March 8, 2019 / Jacksonville

Ready to elevate your tournament experience? With the Uber Zone at THE PLAYERS Championship, riding to and from the tournament is a breeze. Whether you want UberX and XL, Uber Black, or are trying out the shuttle experience (available on Friday and Saturday only) leave the keys at home and let Uber help you get where you need to go.

Riding to and from THE PLAYERS Championship

As the official rideshare partner of the tournament, the Uber Zone makes it easy to get to and from the tournament grounds. When you’re heading to the course, simply enter THE PLAYERS Championship as your destination.

While you’re at the Uber Zone, there will be Uber staff to help answer any questions you might have, as well as charging stations, wifi, and bathrooms.

There is a $5 surcharge for pickups and dropoffs at the tournament. This surcharge helps ensure a reliable pick up experience at THE PLAYERS Championship. The surcharge does not go to the THE PLAYERS Championship.

Pickups at THE PLAYERS Championship

When you’re ready to close out a day on the course, head to the Uber Zone by exiting the tournament grounds through the Couples Enty. From there, follow the signs to the Uber Zone.

Requesting a shuttle

For $15 per person, you can request a seat through the Uber app on a shuttle to Jacksonville Beach.

  • Boarded first come, first serve
  • Limited seats available
  • Flat fee per seat, request up to 10 seats
How to request a shuttle
  1. Enter a destination, then select “Shuttle” option
  2. Choose your dropoff zone as Jacksonville Beach and number of seats
  3. Present your shuttle ride code to the driver at the front of the line

Pro tips for riding to and from THE PLAYERS Championship

  • Share your location with your driver. Riders can show their exact location to their drivers by turning on Live Location Sharing. Location sharing is only available during the pickup experience.
  • Share your trip with loved ones. You can now share your location and trip status with friends and family, all right from the app.
  • Chat in-app. Contact your driver directly through the Uber app for a seamless pickup.
  • Use Spotlight. Sometimes when you’re in a crowded area or it’s nighttime, it may be more difficult for your driver to find you. With Spotlight, you can light up your phone with a special color specific to your driver.
  • Get in the right car (and other safety tips). Before you get in the car, check that the license plate, driver photo, and driver name all match what’s listed in the app.