Innovation in Motion

November 13, 2015 / US

Do you ever wonder how you can request a ride with Uber directly through your favorite apps?

Back in March, the API team released our Request endpoint, which finally allowed developers to build applications that incorporate the entire Uber experience. There are a lot of well-known partners that utilize Uber in their app such as OpenTable, United Airlines, and Hinge, but below are 5 of the most unique integrations that help you get where you need to go with the touch of a button.

  1. Bar Roulette. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and always default to your favorite bar when faced with the dilemma of where to go with your friends tonight. Bar Roulette wants to help you tap into your adventurous side and introduce you to new places to go out. All you have to do is set the distance you’re willing to travel and request a ride through their app. The best part is the destination is a secret until you arrive—spontaneity at it’s finest.
  2. Breathometer. At Uber, we encourage people to make better choices and not drink and drive. Breathometer shares our vision to help reduce drinking and driving, and created a portable breath analysis platform to do just that. If you’re over the limit, their app provides a series of options to encourage users to make the right decisions with their “Get Home Safe” and “Stay Nearby” features.
  3. Weave. When you think about matchmaking apps, dating comes to mind. But Weave takes that concept to the next level with an app for making new business connections based on users’ work experience and preferences. Once you make a new professional connection that you’d like to meet up with, enter the address in chat and the option to take a ride with Uber automatically appears just like magic.
  4. Ivee. Look ma, no hands! Ivee is the first multi-room voice assistant for your home that let’s you easily connect with your favorite services. It controls multiple devices at once, and you can even request a ride through the Uber app with a single command.
  5. Workflow. Earlier this year, this Uber API integration won our Creativity and Imagination award at our Hackathon. Workflow is a personal automation tool that connects apps and actions together to speed up tasks you do on your device every day, which includes requesting a ride through a workflow that you’ve added to your home screen.