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See how technology powers an Uber Freight load from start to finish

October 11, 2019 / Global

Modernizing logistics systems offers the promise of greater efficiency and profitability for shippers and carriers, but how does that translate to an individual load?

From tendering to pickup, delivery to documentation, Uber Freight is streamlining shipping operations every step of the way. In this video, you’ll see how our technology is changing how freight works.

Thanks to the innovative Uber Freight platform, shippers have more control and capacity at their fingertips to maximize results across their supply chains. And with increased visibility, they can see upfront pricing on rates up to 2 weeks in advance and monitor loads in real-time.

Carriers benefit as well. The easy-to-use Uber Freight app features loads available across the country—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, using Uber Freight creates a smoother work experience by reducing tracking calls and simplifying the documentation process.

No matter which side of the marketplace you work on, Uber Freight can help carriers and shippers see better results. To see how we can help, sign up here.