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Introducing uberMILITARY

November 9, 2017 / Honolulu

We understand that travel to and from base can be challenging, but it’s our mission is to make transportation as reliable as running water. Therefore, we’re very excited to announce the launch of uberMILITARY to better serve the military community in Honolulu.

What is uberMILITARY?

UberMILITARY is a product offering available in Honolulu that matches riders with driver-partners who have base access, meaning you can begin and end your trip on base.

How to request?

After entering your destination in the “Where to?” box on the home screen of your Uber rider app, swipe right along the product slider until you see the option for “uberMILITARY.” Request as normal and a driver-partner with base access will come right to your location.

What kind of vehicle will arrive?

When you request an uberMILITARY, you will be matched with the same vehicle options available on uberX. This means up to 4 seats for yourself and fellow passengers.

What are uberMILITARY fares?

Fares on uberMILITARY will match uberX. Get a fare estimate.

Is a CAC/military ID required?

All riders must show proper identification to base security guards for base access.

We are committed to serving this community of riders and drivers who selflessly serve our city and our country, and we hope that uberMILITARY is one step in making travel a bit more stress-free.