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4 GBTA takeaways from today’s top travel managers

July 27, 2017 / US

Last week, the Uber for Business team was at the Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) Conference in Boston. With more than 7,000 attendees this year, it’s the world’s largest business travel event and a great way travel managers to learn tips and tricks to build world-class travel programs. From duty of care to the digital revolution, here’s what a few attendees told us they took away from the conference:


  1. Pay attention to traveler experience, not just travel policy.

This year at GBTA I learned a lot about why we need to pay more attention to the traveler’s needs rather than hitting our employees with hard travel policies. Either way, people are going to use the tools and services that are easiest for them. The best thing that we can do is acknowledge this and take it into account as we build travel programs for our businesses. ” – Facilities & Travel, Construction Conglomerate  


  1. Use conferences as a chance to take a step back.

GBTA is great because I can see all of the vendors I’m considering working with in one place, and in an order that makes the most sense. This helps me evaluate my travel program on a wholistic level and make well informed, strategic decisions for my company. It’s a lot harder to do this from back home, and when you aren’t fully immersed in the possibilities.” – Director of Category Strategy & Corporate Travel, Insurance Provider


  1.  We’re in a digital revolution – you need to work fast to keep up!

“One thing I’ve noticed at GBTA this year is that we really are in the middle of a digital revolution — things are changing, and fast. Companies are constantly amending and adapting how they can use technology in a way that’s safe and ensures duty of care. It’s all about finding the smartest way to do this and that’s something I plan to really tackle this year.” – Cost Manager, Fitness Company


  1. The relationship between the sharing economy and travel managers has changed.

There was more information than ever before about sharing economy at this year’s GBTA. It seems like a major shift is happening and now the industry is partnering with travel managers to meet our needs. I feel more confident than I did before around how I can successfully integrate these new services into our travel program.” – Corporate Travel Coordinator, Financial Institution  


At a macro level, digital transformation was at the top of travel managers list this year. Many of them talked about the future and what it would look like for business travel in the next  decade. At Uber for Business, our goal is to help travel managers figure out the ways they can stay on top of these digital trends and how to embrace the future. We’ve built a billing, reporting and management platform to make this a reality – but this is just the beginning. We know that there’s always more work to be done, so stay tuned for exciting new features that will bring your travel program to the next level!

If you didn’t get to catch up with us at GBTA, get in touch with one of our representatives: